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I couldn't be happier with the prompt service I received.  Charles was able to answer all my questions and produce the results he promised!  I am now a quarterly customer!  I refer ASPC to all my friends and family.  They are the best in the business!!

Thanks guys.
The Hendersons
Denison, Texas

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Q:  How many times a year should I have my house treated for spiders?

A:  It depends on the kind of spider you have in your home.  Most spiders are beneficial as they eat other smaller insects.  In the case of a brown recluse or black widow, you'll have to have your home treated 4-6 times a year.  This service is setup as a quarterly agreement.  Thanks for the question, I hope I have helped you this morning.

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Triple Zone Protection Plan
The Power of 3!

Your home or business is a natural place for pests to invade.  It provides shelter from the wind, rain, cold and heat.  Your home or business also has food and water, which is needed for all species to survive.  Get the Triple Zone Protections Plan from All-Star Pest Control and see the difference this plan makes.

We start with the exterior of your home.  A well protected exterior keeps the pests out!  We use granular products or water particulate chemicals around the outside of your home.  Granulars are dispersed with a hand crank spreader and is dispensed 10 foot out from the foundation of your home or business.  Water particulate chemicals are dispersed with a power pressured hose system and is most effective because of the saturation that occurs during treatment.

We then move to the inside of your home.  Here you will find, as you already know, the pests from the outside have come into the inside.  This includes unwanted spiders, crickets, pill bugs, cock roaches, centipedes, scorpions, and flying insects.  We will spray baseboards, window seals, water entry points, entrances and exits, storage areas, and cabinets.

Finally we treat your attic space, voids, cracks and crevices, and crawl spaces.  We are able to do this with seclusion techniques and a Pressurized dust system.  We have completed the 3 step process.  You are now protected the best way possible.

Triple Zone Protection Plan



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  American Cockroach Odd but true.
A Cock Roach can hold it's breath for more than 40 minutes!

Outside Perimeter, Interior, and
Attic space or crawl spaces

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